Welcome to Exercise Like The Animals and the Vitruvian Renaissance

Fitness with Family and Friends ======>> FUN!

Whether together in the park, playground, living room, front yard or driveway with a basketball, actively playing together is exercise; thankfully, it is also fun. It even gets more fun the more you do it.

With this in mind, after 30 years of obesity, I became a fit person on a Journey to Fitness during which I shed more than a third of my body weight and gained new perspective on life. Exercise Like The Animals A to Z exists to organize children and adults around the joy of playing together, where everyone is doing their best to achieve the same goal — to exercise like an animal through 26 letters of the alphabet. The movements and rhymes, which contain animal facts, spark the most curious minds. This full body workout helps children practice focus and balance as well as gain confidence in their strengths – physical and intellectual.

Who should read, learn and practice Exercise Like The Animals?

  • Children – the younger the better, but certainly between the ages of three and five.
  • Teachers seeking a fun, educational and exciting new tool for their classrooms that addresses the need for exercise while simultaneously being educational with a poetry and natural science core. Spend $5 from your classroom book allowance.
  • Public School Districts, as well Private and Charter Schools seeking to add a little bit or a lot of exercise to their children’s day. Go Beyond the Book here.
  • Parents looking for a smart new way to exercise.
  • Anyone looking for another way to a positive fitness trajectory.

How do you Exercise Like The Animals?

  • Get, read, learn and practice the picture book (with silhouette and written instructions) at Amazon.
  • Go for our videos on Youtube for a little more visualization.
  • Get Jerry Turcotte and his team into your schools to help teachers gain the confidence they need to use Exercise Like The Animals to increase activity and to engage curious minds. Learn more here.

A Quick Tip:

Over the course of any given day, many of us find ourselves standing hunched over looking at smartphones and tablets maybe waiting for something – a bus, a person, a slow line for the bathroom, water fountain or bank teller. Many have shared the same experience with children at our sides asking to use the phone. I say, “Let them!” With Exercise Like The Animals A to Z loaded in your Kindle Library, you and the kids can practice the vowel animal moves, none of which requires one to get down on the floor or ground: Anglerfish A, Eagle E, Ibis I, Ostrich O, Ural Owl U and if you’re lucky, sometimes You Y – which is freestyle, so it depends on the child ;) .


We all have a fitness journey; take some steps every day on yours. Thanks.